Saint Egon’s Feast March 18-20 march, 2022

It is with great joy we are inviting the people of Drachenwald to Saint Egon’s Feast where we celebrate the life, deeds and death of Gotvik’s patron saint Egon, he who protects us against foul farmers and rains of herring.



All weekend 425 SEK

Day pass Saturday 350 SEK

Adolescents (10-16 years) All weekend 325 SEK

Adolescents (10-16 years) day pass 175 SEK

Children (0-9 years) free

Weekend pass includes dinner Friday, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday as well as lunch, coffee breaks and feast on Saturday. Day pass includes lunch, Coffee break and feast on Saturday.

Crash space on floor. There is a risk that the crash space will be crowded so we ask that you minimize the space your bedding and belongings need. Please bring your own sleeping bag and sleeping pad, tent bed etc.

If you´re coming from overseas contact juliarohdin at gmail.com for any help you need.

Site: Ödsmåls Bygdegård, Berg 501, 444 95 ÖDSMÅL http://www.odsmalsbygdegard.se/

Nearest airport is Landvetter, Gothenburg, from there you take the airport bus to Gothenburg and then bus to Ödsmål. contact the event steward if you need help with transportation.

Site opens at 18.00 on Friday and close 12.00 on Sunday

Event Steward:
Lady Julia Margaretesdotter (Julia Rohdin)
e-mail: juliarohdin at gmail.com
phone: +46 (0)709283145

Lady Alfhild de Foxley
e-mail: ekorren.rosengren at gmail.com

Registration and Payment: Register here and pay to Gotvik’s Plusgiro 83 32 08-2

NOTE. We will try to hold an corona safe event as possible and we will request vaccine passes for anyone over 18 years of age.

For non-Swedish residents: The IBAN-number is SE79 9500 0099 6026 0833 2082 and the BIC/SWIFT code is NDEASESS. The account holder is SKA Gotvik.
If you cannot make an international money transfer, contact the event stewards.