Every year we in Gotvik invite you to a party where we light up the autumn darkness with song, dance, games and general moral relaxation. It is a day full of food, drink and good company where the decadence and the people’s more worldly pleasures can be at the center.
The Baron and Baroness of Gotvik therefore once again invites you all to join in and celebrate the earthly pleasures at the Festivao de Caderas on 13 November in the most shining of baronies.

It is a one-day event starting at 10.00 and ending at 21.00 with brunch and dinner.  There is a 30 person cap on the event and the last day to register and pay is the 5th of November.

It is important to remember that the site is dry (non-alcoholic) and pet free.
We will follow Sweden’s corona restrictions and reserve the right to make certain changes quickly because of it.
We assume that everyone who comes is vaccinated and completely symptom-free.

Accessibility: The venue is on the ground floor and there is only a small threshold that you can easily cross with a walker or wheelchair. There is also a small disability toilet. However, it can be a bit crowded to get between the tables where you sit.


Price: 120 SEK or 12 Euro

Hyresgästförenings lokal, Beväringsgatan 9, 415 24 Gothenburg, Sweden

Event Steward – Baronessa Astridh Thorkilsdotter (Marika Johansson) : marika at johansson.nu
Co-Event Steward – Lady Alfhild de Foxley (Alfhild Thörner): ekorren.rosengren at gmail.com
Head Cook – Katerina av Ystad (Katarina Dahllöf)

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